Ballast Control IC
March 2007
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The company’s highly-integrated and fully-protected IRS2166D ballast control IC is said to offer designers much of what is needed in a small footprint, simplifying design tasks while delivering a high degree of programmability. The unit integrates PFC, ballast control and half-bridge driver in a compact monolithic IC. The PFC circuitry operates in critical conduction mode for a high power factor of 0.99, low total harmonic distortion of less than 10 percent, and also precise DC bus regulation within a tolerance of 2.5 percent. Many of the protection features are programmable including those for half-bridge over-current, dead-time and preheat-time, preheat and run frequencies, and lamp end-of-life. Other features include protection from failure of the lamp to strike, filament failures and DC bus under-voltage reset. Available in 16-lead DIP and SO lead-free packages, the devices provide 50 percent duty cycle, integrated bootstrap circuitry, a 15.6 V Zener diode clamp on VCC, and typical micro-power startup current of 250 µA. International Rectifier


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