Subminiature Pushbuttons
March 2007
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The BB series of logic-level, subminiature, antistatic pushbutton switches is constructed to permit automated processing and high-density mounting. The pushbuttons are specifically designed for logic-level applications such as communication systems, telecom, hand-held instruments, and control panels. The BB series incorporates the company’s sliding twin crossbar contact mechanism, which reportedly ensures unparalleled switching reliability and smoother positive detent action. BB pushbuttons feature an antistatic superstructure that consists of a carbon-impregnated bushing. The bushing is 6 mm in diameter, which simplifies panel layout. When configured with a support bracket, the bushing prevents antistatic discharge to the contacts. Static electricity from the operator’s touch travels from the actuator through the bushing and bracket to the PC board. BB pushbuttons are available in both single and double-pole and momentary and maintained actions. The body of the BB series including the bushing is 0.516 inches (13.1 mm) in height. They are rated 0.4 VA maximum @ 28 V AC/DC maximum. NKK Switches


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