Quick Throughput Professional Glassware Washer
March 2007
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The new PG 8067 front-loading tank glassware dishwasher from Miele (Gütersloh, Germany) is designed to clean almost 3,000 glasses per hour in foodservice applications with high throughput demands. The unit’s Short program washes a load in just 60 seconds; it also has a 90-second Standard program and a 120-second Intensive program, as well as a Self-Cleaning program to automatically rinse the cabinet with no additional manual work needed.
The 60-cm-wide, built-under unit has basket clearance of 410 mm. It is also available as a freestanding machine. The freestanding model can be combined with various plinths to raise it to a user-friendly height and offer space below the machine for storing baskets, giving it the versatility to allow operators to create a small-footprint configuration. Internal tanks for detergent and rinse aid help make the installation even more compact. A pressure-booster pump helps the unit compensate for low on-site water pressure. Membrane switch control is designed to make it easy to operate and the operating status can be read on a three-digit indicator in the display.
The company also introduced a compact reverse osmosis water treatment system that can be installed with its commercial warewashing machines. The systems treat 160 liters of water per hour and can be installed either in a side unit or in a plinth on a floor tray, which also accommodates two detergent canisters. The unit demineralizes water for cleaner dishes and glassware, and the reverse osmosis technology requires no cartridge replacement. www.miele.de


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