Thermoplastic Polyurethane
February 2007
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The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) Desmopan® DP 6386A is made to be particularly resistant to scratching, abrasion and slipping. The material is reported to produce soft-touch surfaces that are pleasant to the touch, highly robust and show barely any signs of wear and tear even after many years of use. TPU has a hardness of 86 Shore A and has a polyether base that is said to make it highly resistant to hydrolytic and microbial degradation. The material contains neither plasticizers nor halogens and is said to adhere well to many thermoplastics. A further strength is said to be the material’s high chemical resistance to typical household chemicals such as oils, greases and cleaning agents. The company’s TPU material has the advantage that its melt solidifies very rapidly. According to the company, TPU can cut cycle times by up to 35 percent compared to standard polyether grades of Desmopan®. Bayer MaterialScience AG,


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