Fuel Immersion Guide
February 2007
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The Fuel Immersion Data guide from Advanced Polymer Alloys highlights the company’s melt-processible elastomers™ (MPEs), including Alcryn® melt-processible rubber™ (MPR) and DuraMax® TPV. The guide features hardness change and retention properties, including tensile, elongation and modulus for several materials when exposed to ethanol, unleaded gas, diesel, and other fuels. The fuel immersion data is said to be critical for product designers when selecting an MPE to earn maximum fuel resistance. By anticipating to which fuels a part will be exposed, the proper material selection can help eliminate costly backend performance issues, even possible product failure. The fuel immersion data is also said to be valuable in applications where the current TPE material is underperforming. According to the literature, MPEs can greatly improve fuel resistance performance. The company’s MPR and TPV are both said to provide resistance to fuels when compared to TPEs. Advanced Polymer Alloys, www.apainfo.com


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