Plastic Loaders
February 2007
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Access™ plastic material loaders have a patented, angle canister design; the company says workers don’t need to climb as high or work as hard to service the drop-in filter or wipe out the stainless steel canister. Because of a locking hinge for one-hand opening, more safety, comfort and convenience is said to be provided; maintenance may, therefore, be faster and safer. The loaders feature a unique shape—an angled canister installed facing the operator-side for hassle-free cleaning and safer preventative maintenance. The hinged lid opens easily without tools and tilts back and out of the way. The design leaves both hands free to change the filter, clean the loader and perform other standard maintenance. The loader is also said to provide a more reliable operation. It uses all non-ferrous construction with all material contact points made of pristine stainless steel or aluminum to eliminate corrosion. The unit’s discharge valve is cast in aluminum, to provide years of performance. The loader comes with flex-hose, clamps and a material in-feed wand; it is said to be ready to plug in and go to work immediately. The full-featured control on the loader model guides operators through push-button time settings and clearly displays what is happening as it is happening. The loader is protected by a ground-up, full operational warranty that covers the entire product plus all piping, mechanical and electrical issues. Conair,


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