Copolymer for a Unique Appliance
February 2007
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Appliance producer Fagor uses the supplier’s specialty plastic in the construction of internal parts for its Driron, an appliance that both dries and irons. The upper cabinet allows clothes to dry on hangers, while the lower sections allow clothing to dry on racks.
Luran S is an acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate copolymer (ASA) and is a member of the PlasticsPlus product line from the supplier’s Styrenics Operating Division. The copolymer is said to have dimensional stability, high temperature resistance and surface quality, including color stability. A special acrylate-based rubber is the reason for the product’s color stability, and applications made using the copolymer are said to retain color after many years. The material is designed to retain its dimensional stability with temperatures of about 130°C. BASF,


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