Custom-Grade Compound for Hand Dryers
February 2007
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Molded BMC 310 was created in response to the rising cost of metal. The company formulated a custom grade of BMC 310 for use in a hand dryer application for producer World Dryer Corporation. Not only is the
20 percent glass material highly impact resistant, it has received a 5-V flame rating (@ 0.070 inch) from Underwriters’ Laboratories. BMC 310’s high gloss surface will not dull or etch when exposed to industrial cleaning products. Engineered to contend with conditions associated with public rest rooms, the custom formulation contains highly effective anti-microbial ingredients making BMC 310 an active participant in the preservation of a clean, safe bath environment. BMC 310 can be matched to any color. Unlike painted metal housings, BMC will not rust and can be formulated to match rich granite and marble looks. This unique aesthetic flexibility will allow the company the ability to match the appearance of sinks and counter-tops, integrating the hand dryer with an existing decor. BMC,

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