February 2007
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The X-Press 20 k Hz integrated welder is an all-in-one super-rigid ultrasonic welding press with a built-in microprocessor. The press features a single-piece rigid cast aluminum machine base and column hub along with easy-access front panel pneumatic and microprocessor controls. The press is available in 1,200 W (Model XP-1200) and 2,200-W (Model XP-2200) and welds in digital time and/or constant energy modes. The press is said to be engineered to provide maximum rigidity and user-friendly convenience in a single space-saving unit. The machine combines digital amplitude control, ultrasonic horn/stack frequency display and timers (for weld, hold, delay, and afterburst), with a heavy-duty 3.75-inch steel column diameter (0.50-inch wall thickness), direct in-line air cylinder and a single rail linear slide. Other standard features include ultrasonic power load meter, upper and lower weld limit settings and back-lit LCD display. All models include soft-start overload protection circuitry, load regulation circuitry and digital wattage display. To further simplify radial horn alignment, a high-efficiency snap-in converter rotates 360 degrees. A threaded positive stop provides for fine adjustment and limits the downward travel of the horn. Sonics & Materials, Inc., www.sonics.biz


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