Injection-Molded Plastic Parts in 3 Days
February 2007
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This supplier attributes its 500-percent growth rate in 3 years to its ability to deliver injection-molded plastic parts in as few as 3 days. It doubled its U.S. manufacturing capacity in the past 18 months to support the increased business.
“In today’s competitive markets, successful companies are bringing fully tested products to market faster than ever before,” says CEO Brad Cleveland. “By automating the process, we’ve eliminated much of the delay and cost of producing true injection molded parts, and the market has responded.”
The company also increased the size and complexity of the parts its process can produce. Designers can submit 3D CAD models to the company’s online quoting engine and get back interactive quotes the next day. The automated system, ProtoQuote®, analyzes submitted designs and offers suggestions for improved performance and moldability. The system now incorporates ProtoView 3D, a feature that displays a 3D view of the customer’s part with the suggested changes highlighted. The Protomold Company Inc.,


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