2007 Profiles of Appliance Industry Suppliers: Ryerson
March 2007
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2621 W. 15th Place
Chicago, Illinois, U.S. 60608
Tel: +1-773-762-2121 • Fax: +1-773-762-0437
Web site: www.ryerson.com

Ryerson’s Big 5® makes your metal buying easier.
When you think about it, purchasing metal should be a pretty simple proposition.
You need metal. You order it. It gets delivered. You pay a fair price.
Of course, anyone who’s bought metal knows the process can be far from easy. That reality is what spurred Ryerson to create the Big 5—five service advantages to make your metal buying process fast and easy. “More than just a set of promises, the Big 5 has been instituted throughout our company. Everyone from machine operators to salespeople to managers live and breathe the Big 5,” says Neil Novich, chairman, president and CEO.
So what are the Big 5?

Available Inventory.
Ryerson has dedicated itself to providing not just depth of product, but breadth as well. Ryerson’s offerings include aluminum, stainless, carbon, and red metals. The company also offers a long list of processing and fabrication services. “We are a one-stop resource for customers,” says Novich.

On-Time Delivery. Every Time. As any purchasing professional knows, a late delivery can mean a stalled production line-and lost revenue. Ryerson always aims for a goal of 100-percent on-time delivery.

Competitive Pricing. “Our prices are always competitive,” says Novich, “and our quality and service offer a value that makes us worth bidding.”

Quality Product.
“This means more than just quality metal. It means a quality experience,” explains Novich. “Quality includes everything from the accuracy of your orders to the expertise of our employees.”

Rapid Response.
You expect a rapid response to your inquiries, questions and orders. “Our commitment is to make sure this always happens,” says Novich.

“Ryerson’s Big 5 is our company’s commitment to customers,” says Novich. “We believe the customer experience we deliver is just as important as the metal we deliver. Ryerson’s Big 5 was designed to ensure that it is.”


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