2007 Profiles of Appliance Industry Suppliers: Raychem Circuit Protection, a business unit of Tyco Electronics
March 2007
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308 Constitution Drive
Menlo Park, California, U.S. 94025
Tel: +1-800-227-7040 • Fax: +1-650-361-2508
Web site: www.circuitprotection.com

A Tradition of Leadership in Circuit Protection
Over the last 25 years, Raychem Circuit Protection’s mastery of material science and technological innovation has resulted in the advancement and acceptance of resettable circuit protection devices. A number of Raychem Circuit Protection devices can be used to help provide overtemperature, overcurrent and overvoltage protection for the electric motors and fans, compressors, controllers, touchpads, displays, and interface circuitry required by today’s sophisticated appliances and HVAC equipment.
Although generally reliable, the electric motors used in home and professional grade appliances are subjected to mechanical overloads, overheating, stalls, lost neutral, severe over voltages, and other damaging factors. Protecting increasingly sophisticated and complex control boards from misconnection, power surges or short circuit damage is also of particular concern to the equipment manufacturer.

PolySwitch™ LVR Overcurrent and Overtemperature Protection

The new PolySwitch LVR/LVRL series includes components that are rated for line voltages of 120 V AC and 240 V AC, for up to 2 A of operating current at 20°C. The PolySwitch LVR devices’ resettable functionality and latching attributes make them a reliable, cost-effective circuit protection solution, and help designers comply with safety agency requirements, minimize component count and improve equipment performance.
Unlike single-use fuses, PolySwitch LVR devices do not require replacement after a fault event. After the overcurrent condition is eliminated and power has been removed, the circuit is restored to normal operating condition. Compared to bimetal breakers, they offer greater flexibility, longer lifespan and lower electromagnetic interference (EMI).

A Wide Range of Overvoltage Protection Devices

Raychem Circuit Protection’s ROV series of Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) helps protect valuable equipment from potential power surge damage by clamping high-energy, short-duration impulses. The ROV devices’ high current handling and energy absorption capability, fast response and low cost make them suitable for use in line voltage applications. Pairing the ROV device with the PolySwitch LVR overcurrent protection device can help provide a completely resettable circuit protection solution for power supplies and control board transformers.



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