2007 Profiles of Appliance Industry Suppliers: Molveno
March 2007
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Everel S.p.A
Via Cavour 9 • 37067 Valeggio sul Mincio (VR), Italy
Tel: +39-045-6313711 • Fax: +39-045-6313730
e-mail: info@everel.eu • Web site: www.everel.eu

Molveno designs and manufactures electromechanical switches for household appliances and electromechanical products.
The Molveno range is highly diversified, encompassing everything from rocker, rotary, push-button, and slide switches to connectors and illuminated indicators. Moreover, the choice of sizes, ratings, finishes, and accessories is unequalled. With a portfolio this extensive and versatile, it comes as no surprise that Molveno components are to be found in an almost endless array of different products: small appliances, white goods, heating and ventilation systems, cooker hoods, toys, computer accessories, and gardening equipment, to name but a few of the areas in which Molveno quality plays an integral part.
The fact that Molveno switches are currently exported to 60 countries is a testament to its worldwide reputation for industry-leading build quality. That enviable reputation is further enhanced by its consolidated support network, which has what it takes to deliver a rapid, efficient service to customers in all the major markets around the globe.
With the aim of consolidating its position among the leading electromechanical components manufacturers, the group invests a lot in new products, quality and service. To make the new products rapidly accepted by the market and perfectly fit to customers’ requirements, Molveno operates an intense activity of R&D that develops several new series and innumerable customizations. An up-to-date laboratory tests all products according to switches and household appliances international standards.
It is surely the long-time experience of Molveno people in a multinational context that represents the best guarantee of the quality of its switches. This attention to people allows Molveno to give a consulting service, developing co-design activities with the customer, which means aesthetical and technical innovations in the field of electric components. Product customizing according to specific requirements allow the company to establish a relationship of reciprocal collaboration and growth with the customers.
All that is supported by its research laboratories and by its patented process for customer co-design.
Automatic production and plastic moldings are made in its Valeggio plant while manual production is carried out in its Romania plant. Every single switch is examined before delivery.
All Molveno products have been approved by the major international certification bodies (ENEC, UL) according to the EN 61058-UL 1054 standard, and use insulation materials that comply with EN 60335-1 extinguishing prescriptions (GWIT 775°).



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