2007 Profiles of Appliance Industry Suppliers: Craft Originators, Inc.
March 2007
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Tel: +1-800-460-4761
e-mail: cservice@craftoriginators.com
Web site: www.craftoriginators.com

FlexScript® Dimensional Graphics by Craft Originators, Inc. 

So much design, research and development has gone into the latest product line, it is important to make sure that no details have been spared—including the nameplate. Proudly display your company’s brand on your latest product line using Craft Originators FlexScript® dimensional graphics technology.

Flexible - Conforms to most contoured surfaces, which simplifies the application process and allows for greater design options.

Intricate - Offers the finest of detail with the narrowest formed stroke width of any dimensional graphic available.

Size - Recreate your corporate or product identification with virtually no minimum size limitations. Minimum sizing is as small as 0.275 inch by 0.275 inch, depending on the shape and profile of the part. Maximum sizing is 3.937 inches by 9.843 inches.

Finish - FlexScript® can be produced with the company’s exclusive chrome or gold material to make it look like polished or brushed metal. Colors can be applied in opaque, metallic or transparent finishes including gradients and halftones.

Depth - Nominal thickness is a mere 0.070 inch +/- 0.010. Multiple profile embossing is available to achieve greater depth and a layering effect.

Applications - FlexScript® has been successfully tested at -104°F to +185°F (-76°C to +85°C), allowing for a variety of unique interior and exterior applications. The company’s Domes® product can be used in combination with FlexScript® for the ultimate in eye-catching design.

Adhesion - Though the company’s standard pressure sensitive adhesive is suitable for most applications, Craft Originators will also test and recommend specialty adhesives to meet your specific requirements.
For additional information on FlexScript® or any of Craft Originators other products, visit the company’s Web site or call +1-800-460-4761 for a free design kit.


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