Paint Targeting Tool
February 2007
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The LaserPaintâ„¢ targeting tool attaches to any make or model spray gun. Once turned on, two laser beams are emitted on the part being painted. When the spray gun is held at the correct distance and angle, the two beams converge to form a single dot in the center of the spray pattern. The distance can be adjusted by the painter. The targeting tool is said to help provide a basis for technicians to develop the skills needed to determine proper gun-to-part distance and prevent arcing of the spray gun. If the two beams separate, spray technicians can immediately make adjustments in the technique to retrieve the single dot once again. Technicians can also use the converged dots to produce the proper 50 percent overlap with each pass of the spray gun. Being able to visually follow the dot with each pass of the spray gun shows technicians exactly where the paint will land and assists in producing a consistent spray pattern and an even overlap. Transfer efficiency has been shown to increase up to 38.8 percent when using the targeting tool. Iowa Waste Reduction Center

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