February 2007
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The 350 A Power Series Connector has the highest current rating in the company’s new product line and is rated for 222 A at 600 V (AC or DC) when using 300MCM wire and having a 30°C temperature rise. The connector employs a genderless housing design that allows mating between two identical connector housings so only one housing part number is necessary. The robust contact system also minimizes part count and uses one contact style. A rugged housing, suitable for industrial environments, protects the durable contacts, which are suitable for repeated mating cycles. The connectors can be used in material handling equipment, fork lifts, electric utility vehicles, power supplies and charging systems, power distribution modules, battery-powered accessories, and industrial equipment. The connector uses an impact resistant, color-coded, UL 94V-0 polycarbonate housing. Colors include yellow, orange, red, gray, blue, and green. Contacts are silver plated copper offering low resistance and superior conductivity. Tyco Electronics


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