February 2007
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Electronic ballasts from the company are said to operate a variety of T12 lamps ranging from 25 W to 110 W. The PSR248T12HOMV World Series Program start electronic ballasts are said to extend lamp life, offer a full 5 year warranty at 90°C, be multi-volt ballasts (120 V to 277 V), and operate (1 or 2) F24T12HO through F96T12HO. The RSW240T12120 Electra Series are said to meet energy star requirements 4.0, have a preheat rapid start, normal power factor, 120 V electronic ballast, and operate (2) F25T12 through F40 T12. The IEL260T12120 Value Series offers instant start, a high power factor, 120 V, and operate (1 or 2) lamp F48T12 through F96T12ES. The RES240T12120 Value Series meets energy star requirements, offers a rapid start, high power factor, 120 V, and operates: (1 or 2) lamp F30T12 through F40T12. Robertson Worldwide

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