February 2007
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The company’s series of large format imaging lenses were designed specifically for the line scan and large area sensor market. The Raptar Pro line was created in response to the increased demand for lenses that are compatible with larger-sized camera sensors for critical manufacturing and process applications. The first lens in the series is the 1X Raptar Pro 86 mm. With a nominal magnification of 1.0X, the 86 mm high resolution large format lens can image on to sensors up to 90 mm with less than 0.1 percent distortion, said to result in superior sharpness and exceptional contrast at apertures ranging from F4-22. Sized for 12k line scan sensors, the 1X Raptar Pro produces up to 100 lp/mm image space resolution and is optimized for working distances of 95 mm. Mounting options are available for T, C, F, and SLR camera formats and a special rear coupler is available for the Dalsa 12k Piranha Series Cameras. Navitar

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