February 2007
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Responding to the needs of an increasingly sophisticated market, the company has introduced two specially-shaped burners ideal for the cooking of fish. The specially-shaped burners work on the innovative patented principles of the radial venturi and the intake of primary air from above the appliance top surface. The fish-kettle burners are available in two sizes: the Normal fish-kettle burner 2.9 kW and the Mini fish-kettle burner 1.8 kW. The ratings and distinctive flame pattern of the fish-kettle burners are said to make them ideal for cooking not only fish, but also other dishes that require the use of long pots or pans and an even heat distribution of the entire pan base. The choice of two sizes is said to make the burners suitable for installation in any cooker or hob. The fish-kettle burner consists of a burner cup with fitted and tested injectors, is die cast from aluminium silicon alloy (UNI 5076-74), burner flame spreader die cast from heat-resistant aluminium nickel alloy (UNI 6253-68), burner lid stamped from steel plate, nickel plated and enamelled in special heat-resistant enamel, also available in various colors. Besides enamelled steel, lids are available in stainless steel, polished brass and other materials. SABAF


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