February 2007
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The emergency-stop box is among the range of RoHS compliant polycarbonate enclosures from the company. Measuring just 65 mm by 65 mm by 57 mm, the compact enclosure is designed to be used as an accessory for the company’s low-profile Series 84 illuminated 22.5 mm emergency-stop button. The unit is available in grey with a bright yellow top. A 16 mm version also exists for the company’s series 61 emergency-stops as well. A total of 11 enclosures are included in the range, including options for mounting one, two, three, four, or six 22.5 mm switches. A larger 94 mm by 94 mm by 81 mm enclosure is available for applications requiring a more prominent button. The enclosures are said to provide a minimum sealing of up to IP66 standards. EAO


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