Linear Steppers
February 2007
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Closed loop linear stepper motor stages with an integral linear encoder feature high resolution to 0.00004 inch (1 micron), repeatability to 0.0004 inch per foot (0.033 mm/m), and accuracy to 0.001 inch per foot. (0.0833 mm/m). Capable of speeds to 118 inches per second (3 m/s) and acceleration up to 5 G’s, the linear stepper stages are said to be ideal for assembly, sampling and inspection operations, robotics, pick-and-place, testing, medical lab, and optical applications. The linear stepper stages are available in travel lengths to 144 inches (3.6 m) and forces of 6 pounds (27 N), 10 pounds (45 N), and 20 pounds (89 N). When installed as a system, which includes a motion control package from the company, the performance is said to be equal to a 2-phase, zero backlash, brushless motor in speed, acceleration and smoothness. H2W Technologies

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