Laser Punch Cell
February 2007
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LP6 series laser punch flexible manufacturing cells from Finn-Power are designed with a new axis system (X and Y) designed for better acceleration and faster positioning. The index system was redesigned with separate motors for both gears, and is said to offer greater accuracy and speed up to 166 rpm.
Sheets up to 8 mm can be punched and maximum hit speed (1 mm between holes) is 1,000 hpm. Marking mode speed is 3,000 hpm. Options available include indexable upforming, different solutions for integrated tapping and Multi-Tools® to extend the available tools.
The cell’s laser unit is a 2,500-W, diffusion-cooled CO2 slab laser said to offer excellent mode structure (K-factor 0.8 or better), and requires low maintenance and low gas consumption. The laser has a standard autofocus cutting head. Due to the intelligent quick-change cutting head cassette system, a different focusing lens can be in-place in seconds.
The punch cell has a maximum sheet size of 60 inches by 120 inches (1,565 mm by 3,074 mm) or 60 inches by 169 inches (1,565 mm by 4,300 mm) for the LP8 series. With 33 U.S. ton (300 kN) hydraulic ram force, flexible 20-station turret, up to 4 clamps, programmable clamp setting for virtually 100 percent material utilization and digital punch control, the laser punch is said to provide enhanced performance. Windows® based operator interface software (HMI) installed on an industrial PC with Pentium® processor technology is said to support the operator by providing recovery instructions, electronic manuals, NC programs, tool or forming parameters, and the laser parameter manager. The system allows work preparation, tool management and set-up while the machine is running. An integrated diagnostic system helps the operator quickly identify and correct possible malfunctions.


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