Developer Software
January 2007
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ZiLOG Developer Studio II (ZDS II) software is said to provide a complete suite of software tools that support development with the company’s eZ80Acclaim®, Z8 Encore!®, Z8 Encore! XP®, Z8 Encore! MC, and Crimzon product lines. Included in the software are a Microsoft Windows-based project environment, editor, project manager, C compiler, assembler, linker, librarian, simulator, and debugger. One major benefit of the software is that it simplifies code development and helps bring products to market more rapidly, according to the company. In addition, the software is reported to be a useful resource for writing “code snippets” to test ideas or write functions. While many commercial customers are using the product to develop production applications, it is also said to be an ideal tool for embedded software development in an educational setting. ZiLOG, Inc.


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