Coating Components
January 2007
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According to the company, fluid control and handling equipment may not be the most glamorous aspect of a paint system, but it is the backbone of today’s high-efficiency finishing operations. Smart fluid management is critical to maintaining a high capacity, high-efficiency coatings system. The company provides system capabilities said to enhance operating costs and energy efficiency. Smart Fluid management components are termed “thinking” components with the ability to adapt to the needs of the applicator, they “sleep” when they are not needed and know exactly when paint is in use. Production needs drive how a system performs, and the components are said to anticipate volume and pressure demands and adjust accordingly. As a result, energy use, material waste, fatigue, off-ratio mixing, and equipment wear are all reduced. The components are also said to optimize the efficiency of materials and resources while maximizing customer’s return on the investment. ITW Automotive Finishing Group


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