Wire Stripping and Crimping Machine
January 2007
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The programmable StripCrimp 200 is designed for the high-precision stripping and crimping of side or rear-feed terminals for wires between 30 AWG and 12 AWG (0.05 mm2 to 4.00 mm2). The machine can deliver 3.7 tons of crimping force with a variety of programmable stripping functions. The unit will accept most mini-style applicators and is said to include more standard features than most other wire stripper/crimpers on the market. All stripping parameters and special functions are programmable through a user friendly, multi-lingual operating panel. The machine includes a program memory for all stripping parameters and functions. According to the company, parameters such as way-back, strip length, wire size, stripping length, and strip position can be saved and loaded for future use. Schleuniger, Inc.


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