Tooling Systems
January 2007
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The MXC™ tooling system is designed for all thick turret punch press brands and models, and is said to provide extra long life and tooling interchangeability benefits. The tooling systems consist of punches, strippers and the company’s slug free dies for all five thick turret station sizes: 1/2 inch A, 1-1/4 inch B, 2 inch C, 3-1/2 inch D, and 4-1/4 inch E stations. The punches are manufactured of DuraSteel™, which is said to be proven for its toughness and wear resistance. Additional punch features include a minute back taper with near polished punch flanks that reduce friction and heat build-up during the punching cycle. For extreme applications, Maxima® punch coating is available to further withstand abrasive materials and materials prone to galling. All of the punches are said to be compatible with existing thick turret tooling systems including the company’s Ultra TEC® and Ultra XT™ tooling. Mate Precision Tooling


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