Hole Plugs
January 2007
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D-Subminiature connector mounting hole plugs can be used in electrical cabinets, electronic equipment, appliances, distributed control systems, or anywhere that “D-Sub” connectors are used. The plugs are said to fill unused D–subminiature connector mounting holes, offering protection and a clean, finished aesthetic to any electronic data-sharing device, where D-subminiature connectors may be used. Typical applications for the plug include rack-mount computer equipment, uninterruptible power supply emergency back-up systems, commercial-grade video and audio equipment, data-communications devices, and distributed control and remote monitoring devices. The plugs are D-shaped, pry-out, nylon hole plugs and are available in a range of sizes for the most popular styles of multi-pin connectors when the mounting holes are not used. Heyco Products, Inc.


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