Powder Spray System
January 2007
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According to the company, the ColorMax® powder spray system enhances operating flexibility and powder reclaim capability to allow powder coaters to manage smaller batches and a wide range of colors and achieve zero inventory requirements. Features of the system include easy-to-clean, steel twin cyclones for contamination-free color change; streamlined Apogee® canopy and booth design for structural strength and minimal powder retention and attraction to the booth; AeroDeck™ air distribution system and high air-face velocities to improve powder containment in the air stream and minimize build-up on the booth floor; AeroWash™ air knives to reduce powder-in-process for maximum use and minimal color-change time; Powder Port feed center for fully automatic recovery, sieving and recycling of powder for maximum usage and minimal loss; and the iControl® integrated control system with closed-loop digital flow control for atomizing and flowrate to the pump. An LCD color touch screen with icon-based graphics is also included for easy operation. Nordson Corporation


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