Motor Control Platform
January 2007
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The company’s sensorless sinusoidal motor control platform is said to deliver quieter operation and higher efficiency for variable-speed pump applications up to 300 W. By effectively controlling pump operation over a wide range of flow requirements, variable-speed pumps are said to cut energy consumption by up to 50 percent. The iMOTION™ integrated design platform consists of a mixed-signal controller, the IRMCF371 and companion intelligent power module for the power stage, as well as algorithms, development software and design tools. According to the company, because variable-speed motor-driven pumps halve energy requirements, government legislation in many countries is driving the adoption of energy-efficient intelligent pumps, particularly in the water, waste-water and building automation segments. The company’s platform is said to achieve higher reliability and system performance by better controlling system load changes, improving control pump operations and providing control over a wide range of load conditions, as well as enabling smooth start-up conditions. International Rectifier


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