January 2007
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PEPI’s JS series thermal cut-outs are said to combine the benefits of both automatic and manual reset cut-outs, without the disadvantages of either. By incorporating an internal resistor, the self-holding cut-out is the same size as the auto-resetting version, but with a manual-reset function. During normal operation, the load current flows through the contacts of the cut-out. When the temperature set point is reached, the contacts snap open and the current flows through the model’s internal resistor. The resistor then self heats and provides sufficient heat to stop the contacts from auto-resetting. The cut-out can only be reset by switching off the applied voltage and then waiting until it has sufficiently cooled down. Despite its compact size, the PEPI JS is capable of switching loads up to 13 A/250 V AC and is approved by UL and VDE to IEC 60-730.  It is available in both 230-V and 120-V versions and is ideal for applications where an auto-resetting cut-out is either undesirable or considered dangerous. ATC Semitec Ltd


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