Solaronics, Inc. Booth #3645
January 2007
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The company offers high efficiency IR and blue flame gas burners, ignition systems and appliance design services for manufacturers of commercial cooking and heating appliances. Infra-red technology has become the primary method of producing heat for gas appliances and process heating equipment. The high efficiency, rapid heat transfer and low NOx emissions are said to be the reason infra-red burners are preferred over conventional gas burners. The company’s infra-red burners, with its low flame temperature, are said to have the lowest NOx emission of any other gas burners available today. An infra-red water heater, for example, produces 85 percent less NOx than a conventional water heater. The company’s WCF infra-red burner system utilizes a flexible ceramic combustion surface. It features low NOx emissions, mechanical shock resistance, low thermal conductivity, rapid heat up, resistance to corrosion, and surface flexibility to allow for a variety of geometric shapes to meet most applications. Appliance applications include: barbeques, broilers, pizza ovens, fireplaces, convection ovens, griddles, hold ovens, pressure fryers, dishwashers, furnaces, ranges, hot water heaters, bake ovens, deep fat fryers, rotisserie ovens, space heaters, and evaporators.


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