ebm-papst Inc. Booth #3457
January 2007
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EC-Systems™ are said to be designed to offer substantial energy-saving potential for cooling cabinets. The units are speed-controllable, and the company says this can provide up to 60-percent savings in energy costs compared to industry standard AC motors. In combustion blowers, the compact design, reduced air flows and exceedingly high back pressures are designed into the company’s centrifugal blowers for heating technology, to optimally meet the demands of gas condensing heaters, modulating gas blowers, gas boilers, gas burners, oil burners, fuel cells, and other applications. Crossflow blowers from the company provide high airflows at relatively low back-pressures and minimal noise due to their large cross section on the intake and exhaust side. They are said to be ideal for stove jacket cooling, storage heaters, overhead projectors, solariums, and air-conditioning and heating units. Hot-air blowers are designed to supply high-quality air performance for applications such as stoves, ovens, climate cabinets, food and plate warmers, or in medical equipment, sterilizers and drying stoves. Motorized impellers are designed for use in applications where radial airflow is often better than a directional (axial) airflow. The company says many of its products can be provided with moisture and dust protection for operating in harsh environmental conditions. Frost-free motors and impellers are designed to be efficient answers for freezers, coolers/chillers, compressors, and condensers. The company also supplies custom dishwasher blowers.


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