E+E Elektronik Booth #1642
January 2007
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The Humiport 05 is said to provide the mobile precise measurement of relative humidity and temperature in the ranges of 5 to 95 percent RH and -20°C to 50°C (-4°F to 122°F). Furthermore dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio can be shown on the display. In spite of the compact dimensions of a mobile phone, the unit is said to offer easy handling with a proven thumb-wheel switch, to allow the whole operation to be performed with only one hand. The measured values can be displayed as SI- or as US-units. Moreover the instrument is said to provide helpful features like min/max and AVG indication as well as a hold function. The possibility of a 1-point humidity and temperature calibration ensures precise measurements in the long run. Typical applications for the instrument include the mobile climate monitoring of buildings, switching cabinets, museums, and storehouses.


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