Mowers Designed to Meet a Variety of Demands
January 2007
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John Deere’s new riding lawn equipment for Australia and New Zealand includes more than 20 models engineered to meet a variety of yard-care needs.
The 100 Series tractors are designed for homeowners with small to mid-size yards. The majority of the 100 Series tractors are intended for homeowners with up to two acres. Models in the 100 Series are equipped with John Deere engines, full-length welded steel frames, The Edge™ Cutting System, and the CargO™ Mount System, which allows for easy installation and removal of attachments and accessories. In addition, the 155C model features the Comfort Plus package, with adjustable lumbar seats and a soft grip steering wheel.
The durable Select Series™ tractors are designed for consumers who desire to do a variety of light and heavy-duty tasks and have properties of up to seven acres, with more landscape features and challenging terrain. This line is equipped with innovations like the iTorque™ Power System, a combination of hood design and engine features that the company says provide the torque needed for mowing, hauling and blading in the toughest conditions. In addition, The Edge™ Xtra and the new Edge™ Mulch Mower Decks provide more cut height options and increased performance on rough ground. Each family of Select Series tractors features at least one highly maneuverable 4-wheel steer model.


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