Fully Loaded Snowthrowers
January 2007
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Toro says that the most innovative feature on the Power Max® 826LE snowthrower is the Quick Stick® Chute Control, which allows the operator to adjust the chute rotation and deflection angle with a joystick-like control. The operator depresses the locking mechanism and moves the chute into position. A position lock keeps the chute in place to eliminate chute movement during operation. As part of its Power Max line of two-stage snowthrowers, the unit features an 8 hp Tecumseh Snow King® 4-cycle engine and electric start, and is designed to combine maximum snowthrowing power with breakthrough easy-to-use technology.
At the heart of the snowthrower is the Power Max® Auger System, which incorporates an expanded impeller housing and chute base, along with a non-stick surface designed to minimize snow build up. Unlike traditional two-stage designs, the auger system meters snow intake and returns snow that is not immediately thrown back into the auger, reducing clogging.  
The snowthrower’s Freewheel Steering system includes handle-mounted triggers that give the operator the ability to clutch the wheels independently or simultaneously with the flex of a finger. The user-friendly design is said to make turning, reversing and steering adjustments simple and precise. www.thetorocompany.com


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