Water Filter
December 2006
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The filter removes chlorine, pesticides, bacteria, and other harmful elements from water. The combination of the Water Energizer from the company and IFP Puro cartridge from Carbonit, Germany, helps make water safer. When deployed in-line with a coffee machine it keeps the heating coil scale free. The water also boils quicker thus saving energy. For drinking water, an additional filter is provided, so that in case of areas having dirty water a pre-filtration is done to increase the life of the final filter. The system for drinking water is mounted on a powder coated aluminum sheet bracket, suitable for all three possibilities of mounting—on a table, on a wall or under the sink. For drinking water there is an option for a UV system, to protect the water from viruses. As the water is magnetically treated through the water energizer, it has a different taste and the effect of hard water is neutralized. Also the Water Energizer keeps the UV tube scale free, which is not the case in most UV systems, resulting in diminished power of the system. Eco Crystal


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