2006 New Product Supplement: Motors
December 2006
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DongSheng Motor Manufactory is located in Shenzhen, China, and specializes in producing various types of series universal AC motors, permanent magnet DC motors, induction motors, shaded pole motors, geared motors, vacuum cleaner motors, thermal protectors, solenoid actuators, and custom coils. DS Motor products are extensively used in products such as household appliances, electrical tools, electrical toys, water pumps, air pumps, health care apparatus, paper shredders, etc. The annual output of AC motors exceeds 25 million, while that of DC motors is greater than 80 million. Besides standard motor products, DS Motor also produces solenoids as well as thermal protectors for AC or DC motors, under 1 hp voltage devices, lighting equipment, automobiles, household power-supplying devices, and health care.
For the overseas market, many DS Motor products have UL certification. 


The 60 series shaded pole motor has a simple structure, reliable performance and long life, so it can be applied to the electric apparatus of all kinds of fans, water pumps, refrigerators, etc. The asynchronous motor is technically ripe, of steady performance and extensive utilization; it can be made as multi-speed electrical machine, or adjusted speed with the technology of changing frequency. It has a wide development space. The two series having UL certification both belong to induction motors. Possessing professional technicians with rich experience in induction motor design and professional production equipment, our company is your ideal partner.
DS Motor has a strong technical workforce, advanced production techniques, a well equipped on-site laboratory, and is ISO9001:2000 certified. DS Motor can develop and design various kinds of products according to the customer’s requirements.
For more information, contact DongSheng Motor Manufactory; Web site: www.dsmotor.com; e-mail: dsmotor@dsmotor.com. DongSheng Motor Manufactory


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