2006 New Product Supplement: Fans & Blowers
December 2006
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The new EC fans from ebm-papst now operate even more quietly and efficiently.
ebm-papst Inc., the leading manufacturer of motors and fans, now offers a complete range of EC motors up to 3 KW for use in a wide variety of applications, such as building air-conditioning, telecommunications, ventilation, and refrigeration technology. EC motors are highly efficient and operate extremely quietly and economically in terms of energy consumption. Integrated electronics make the fans easy to operate. These controls make it possible to increase or reduce the fan speed while only using as much energy as absolutely necessary.
Aerodynamic behavior also plays a significant role in the efficiency of these fans. For large EC fans, ebm-papst has developed a new blade design that allows the fans to operate more quietly and consume less energy. The new EC fans have five blades instead of seven. In addition, the blade ends have been optimized with winglets (wider blade ends). These improvements, depending on the operating point, make it possible to greatly reduce the noise emissions. The new fans range in size from a blade diameter of 25 inches to 40 inches (630 mm to 910 mm).

ACmaxx: The new generation of AC fan technology
ebm-papst Inc. has introduced ACmaxx technology for fans. This progressive product line is extremely versatile and can be used from 85 V to 265 V, 50 Hz and
60 Hz for worldwide voltages. With up to 75 percent lower power consumption, the ACmaxx allows for a cost savings of at least 50 percent over standard AC fans! The ACmaxx fans have completely integrated drive and control electronics for flexibility in many applications. With features such as higher air flow, optional variable speed control, failure detection, optional humidity or salt fog protection, speed and function monitoring, the ACmaxx will revolutionize the way you think about AC. A broad range of ACmaxx fans will be available for use in the industrial sector in switch cabinets, filter fans, welding machines, coolers, freezers, and ventilation systems. Samples are available now. Talk to one of ebm-papst’s application engineers for additional details on this new technology.

ACmaxx benefits
• 1:1 replacement for standard AC fans without structural changes
• Large power reserves for higher air flow
• Alarm or tacho output for functional control
• Up to 85 percent greater durability and longer servicing/maintenance

Possible applications
• switch cabinets
• beverage coolers
• welding machines
• coolers and freezers
• in-line fans for ventilation
• vending machines

New Premix Gas Blowers
The newly released Gas Blower 2006 (series NRG118) set a new standard concerning size, noise and efficiency for premix gas blower technology. The product features the trademark ebm-papst EC motor technology and is compatible with special gas valves and boiler controls.
NRG118 is sized for boiler input rates up to 30 KW (102M Btuh) and is available in 24 V DC, 115 V 50/60 Hz and 230 V 50/60 Hz. The product features a proven premix ready construction and EC motor technology that can be speed controlled with a low voltage to offer turn down ratios approaching 10:1. The dimensions of the NRG118 with 160 mm by 160 mm by 90 mm is a reduction of approximately 20 percent compared to the existing product range without reduction of the performance.
Due to the success of the NRG118, look for its sister NRG137 available soon.

Also new to the ebm-papst family: the G3G200 series gas blower. The G3G200 is a premix ready gas blower used in high efficiency condensing boilers suitable for input rates up to 2 MM Btuh and compatible with valve/venture product from Honeywell and Dungs. This new product is smaller, lower cost, and fully modulating. This technology will now be available to the commercial market instead of only the residential hydronics market making the G3G200 a truly unique product compared to other blowers currently available. The G3G200 is available now; talk to a sales or application engineer for more information about this exciting new line.
 For more information, contact ebm-papst Inc.; Tel: +1-860-674-1515; email:  sales@us.ebmpapst.com; Web site: www.ebmpapst.us.
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