2006 New Product Supplement: Water Dispensers
December 2006
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TOTO Concepts. Inc. unveils a new line of water dispensers—SERRARA. SERRARA is a new concept of appliance that gives an ambiance to every room. One of the innovative features is its interchangeable receptacles with different functions—it can be a daily companion of information, time, date, and weather; it can be a message recorder to keep you in close communication with your family; it can be a CD player and radio to keep you company with preferable entertainment; it can also be a relaxation center to sooth you from tense daily life.
SERRARA series realizes the health criteria of users. The UV sanitizing faucets kills 99 percent of communicable germs. The advance design and construction make the dispensers easy to handle; loading bottles and moving the machine is so easy that it is close to effortless.
SERRARA is a piece of furniture accent that gives comfort and ambiance to any room!
For more information, contact TOTO Concepts. Inc.; Web site: www.totoconcepts.com; email: info@totoconcepts.com. TOTO Concepts. Inc.

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