2006 New Product Supplement: Helium Leak Detector with Touch Screen Operation
December 2006
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The Heliot 700 series helium leak detector provides the sensitivity and sophistication of a large, console-type helium-testing unit in a small, compact package. The Heliot 700 series features a multiple inlet port design for the highest sensitivity—10-12 Torr-l/s. Troubleshooting is easily accomplished with integrated maintenance software and a full-color touch-screen display can be customized by the user for ease of operation. Other features include start-up auto-calibration, optional external leak calibration, and CE mark/IP30. Heliot’s portability and automated features allow for reliable super gross, gross, medium, fine, and superfine leak testing on large and small objects.

Automatic Leak Testing Systems, Helium Recovery and Charging Systems
Companies that use large amounts of helium in their leak checking operations can save thousands of dollars per month by recovering up to 98 percent of their lost helium with the Ulvac Helium Recovery and Charging System. After leak testing, the helium is recovered by the system for reuse in the next part to be leak checked. With over 700 installations worldwide, Ulvac is a leading manufacturer of Automatic Leak Testing (ALT) systems and Helium Recovery and Charging systems that are used in automotive, refrigeration, air conditioning, and other industrial production lines.
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