2006 New Product Supplement: Deep Emboss & FlexScript® Nameplates
December 2006
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Craft Originators Inc. manufactures a bold new line of dimensional graphics called Deep Emboss. Unlike the company’s standard embossing the Deep Emboss parts are made using heavier gauge material and specialized tooling to create a very pronounced raised image. Like all of the company’s processes, it can be color matched and have application specific adhesive applied.  To further enhance the visual impact, the company can add its domes® lens to the surface to create a truly spectacular nameplate. Deep Emboss is particularly suited to industrial and commercial applications where a badge having a rugged appearance is desired.
For a more refined and elegant fine script product identification, Craft Originators Inc. offers a FlexScript® line that is available in chrome, gold or multi colored finishes.  FlexScript® is made flexible to conform to contoured surfaces and has been specifically developed to offer the finest of details with the narrowest formed stroke width of any soft dimensional graphic available.  FlexScript® is ideally suited to the appliance industry, particularly where expressions of exceptional quality and trend setting styling are desired.  Craft Originators Inc. has one of the largest selections of nameplates, badges and emblems available on the market.  
For more information, contact Craft Originators Inc.; Web site: www.craftoriginators.com; Tel: +1-800-460-4761. Craft Originators Inc.


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