2006 New Product Supplement: Motors
December 2006
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The 39 Frame BLDC motors were designed by Broad Ocean for use in blowers and fans in HVAC system. Their characteristics are as follows:

High performance NdFeB magnet for high efficiency (up to 85 percent). They are much smaller and lighter when compared with the other similar products.
• Anti-vibration technique is applied in the rotor to ensure less vibration and lower noise. This is a patented technology.
• 400 rpm - 1300 rpm.
• Rotation speed range from 400 rpm-1,300 rpm.
• Multi-control: It can control the speed and torque exactly.  
• Four power rates: 1/3 hp, 1/2 hp, 3/4 hp, and 1 hp, covering all applications of HVAC systems.
• Multi-protection function to ensure the safest operation.
For more information, contact Broad Ocean; Web site: www.broad-ocean.com.cn; e-mail: bom@zhongshan.gd.cn or bom@broad-ocean.com.cn. Broad Ocean


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