2006 New Product Supplement: Electric Motors
December 2006
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Are you looking for an electric motor supplier that can reduce assembly costs for your convection ovens?  A. O. Smith provides convenience and added value by furnishing air-moving subassemblies for convection fans and cooling blowers. A. O. Smith offers customized fan assemblies with mounting plates, heating elements and wiring harnesses to fit your oven applications.

Multiple bearing options are available for
  best combination of cost and longevity of
  the motor

• Cross flow blowers available in 60 mm and
  45 mm wheel diameters

• Motors and fans designed to meet your con-
  vection oven’s airflow and noise specifications


For more information, contact A. O. Smith Electrical Products Company; Mark Olson, global marketing manager, ventilation & refrigeration; Tel: +1-937-667-2431.
A.O. Smith Electrical Products Company


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