2006 New Product Supplement: Insulation
December 2006
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Innovative Insulation Solutions for Appliance Manufacturers
Unifrax Corporation, a leading producer of high temperature fiber insulation products, invented and trademarked ceramic fiber under the Fiberfrax® name more than 60 years ago. Currently more than 50 Unifrax product forms, including the Insulfrax® and Excelfrax® product lines, provide innovative solutions for the appliance industry, as well as a broad range of other commercial and industrial applications. Our application engineers have in-depth experience in working with the appliance industry and are always available to work with you on your specific requirements.

Insulfrax® Blanket for Exceptional Oven Design Solutions
Insulfrax® Thermal Insulation Blanket is made of a specialty high temperature fiber with superior thermal and mechanical properties. With this innovative insulation blanket, you can achieve the specified UL rating using a thinner insulation wrap that allows more space inside the oven while meeting the latest energy regulations. Insulfrax Blanket also contains no organic binders that can produce harmful byproducts.

Excelfrax® 200 VIP Insulation for Outstanding Refrigerator Design Solutions
Excelfrax® 200 VIP Insulation consists of vacuum insulation panels that provide extremely low thermal conductivity by drastically reducing the heat transfer due to convection and conduction. With this innovative technology, you can achieve the specified UL rating using a thinner insulation that allows more space inside the refrigerator. Excelfrax 200 VIP Insulation also meets the stringent European energy regulations currently being implemented in the North American market.
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