2006 New Product Supplement: Heated Glass
December 2006
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Marsco Glass Products is very pleased to have the exclusive license for Thermique™ heated glass in the appliance and foodservice industries. Products designed with Thermique™ heated glass include warming drawers, deli cases and convenience store merchandisers with heated glass shelves. Marsco is actively seeking manufacturing partners who can use heated glass to create new products or improve their existing product designs.
Thermique™ heated glass is more efficient, effective and attractive than heating coils, heat lamps and other traditional heat sources. The proprietary technology uniformly heats the entire surface of the glass with precise control up to 350°F. The glass remains transparent, beautiful and easy to clean. All components are UL® approved.
Marsco has been a world leader in glass technology and manufacturing for nearly 60 years.
For more information, contact Marsco Glass Products; email: info@marsco-mfg.com. Marsco Glass Products


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