2006 New Product Supplement: Triacs
December 2006
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SanRex introduces the new 40 A Triac TMG-Q series, which features maximum junction temperature Tj(max)=150°C in an isolated To-3PF and a non-isolated TO-3P package. Thanks to SanRex’s new isolated diffusion technology, the new TMG-Q series increases Tj(max) from 125°C to 150°C. This advantage dramatically reduces the needed heat sink size or eliminates the heat sink. Reducing cooling parts contributes not only to lower cost but also high efficiency and reliability. Also, the new 40 A Triac TG-E series in an isolated fast-on package is now available to feature an easy installation and connection of wire harnesses.
In addition, the new SanRex devices have environmentally friendly, lead-free plating finishes for the directive on Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) required by the European Union.
For more information, contact SanRex; Tel: +1-516-625-1313; email: semi@sanrex.com for sales, or semi-tech@sanrex.com for technical support. SanRex Corp.


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