2006 New Product Supplement: Electronic Components
December 2006
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Solutions Behind the Design

Since its establishment in 1948, Alps Electric has specialized in high quality, state-of-the-art components essential to the creation of products for the electronics industry. With 23 production facilities in six countries, and 54 sales offices in nine countries, including Japan, China, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and Singapore, and regions including Europe, North America and South America, Alps is well-positioned to address market needs, win customer satisfaction and deliver products efficiently around the globe.

The Technology: Commitment to R&D

Alps is dedicated to creating proprietary technologies essential to producing components of exceptional quality and reliability. Alps continues to develop technologies that add value to customer products through efficiencies in performance and cost. With a strong commitment to research and development, Alps’ intellectual property portfolio consists of more than 1,700 foreign and domestic patent applications.

The Products: Highly Diverse, Very Functional and Efficient

With electronic products becoming increasingly sophisticated, demand is rising for functional and efficient components. Alps offers a wide variety of components, including switches, potentiometers and card connectors, as well as functional components such as sensors and encoders. The high-quality components are based on precision machinery design, high-density mounting and microscopic processing technologies, and are utilized in a wide variety of products ranging from cutting-edge multimedia equipment and home electrical appliances to industrial equipment. In addition to components, Alps is also a manufacturer of magnetic devices, communication devices, and peripheral products, including LCDs, thermal printers, FDD, and remote control units.
Alps is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding natural resources through the use of technologically advanced business practices that promote sustainable development. The company’s products are designed to consume less electric power and enable reductions in the use of toxic materials, including lead and Freon.
Now, more than 122 Alps components can be purchased online at  www.alpsstore.com. The store serves customers in Canada, U.S. and Mexico. Products featured include switches, encoders, tact switches, and potentiometers.
For more information, contact Alps Electric Co., Ltd.; Tel: +1-408-361-6400; Fax: +1-408-226-7301; Web site: www.alpsusa.com. Alps Electric Co., Ltd.



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