Powder Spray System
November 2006
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The ColorMax® powder spray system is designed for quick 10- to 15-minute color changes with high system efficiency, optimum airflow and maximum powder usage. The booth’s Apogee® canopy technology is said to minimize powder-in-process, promote easy booth cleaning, and provide better overall system efficiency. According to the company, the booth’s unique design and easy-to-clean steel twin cyclones facilitate complete cleaning without cross-contamination of colors, as well as reducing color-change time. The booth has no inlet ductwork, to allow easy visual inspection of areas of the system that could cause contamination between colors. The patented SureMax® Powder Transfer system continuously removes powder from the cyclones and returns it to the feed center, and is said to provide contamination-free recycling of powder. The booth base uses the AeroDeck™ air distribution system and high air face velocities over 0.7 m per second (140 feet per minute) to ensure improved powder containment in the air stream, minimizing build up on the booth floor. In addition, AeroWash™ air knives reduce powder-in-process for maximum powder usage with minimal color-change time. Nordson Corporation, www.nordson.com


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