Coating Systems
November 2006
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The company’s Precisioncoat and Precisioncoat EL spray coating systems are said to precisely spray and dispense a variety of solvent-based, water-based and 100-percent solids coatings to printed circuit assemblies and other substrates with maximum precision and accuracy. The coating systems are controlled and operated by the company’s proprietary software on a Windows® XP operating system with a point-and-click interface. The two systems are said to be the first coating systems on the market that include internal Ethernet connectivity, and meet Surface Mount Equipment Manufacturers Association (SMEMA) conventions for manufacturing system integration.
The system’s standard configuration applies coatings on three axes, with optional tilt and rotation capabilities. The flexibility is said to enable the coating of simple or complex assemblies, devices and components used in electronics, medical and other industries. The system’s custom configurations are also available, including optional bar code readers, vision systems, offline programming and CAD or Gerber download. The entry-level EL system is offered for customers with smaller production runs or less demanding coating needs. Specialty Coating Systems,

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