Spray Guns
November 2006
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A line of automatic spray guns for wood and metal applications includes the XT series of compliant, air spray and HVLP (high volume, low-pressure) spray guns, as well as the G40 air-assisted spray guns. The guns are said to provide consistent spray patterns for a high quality finish. The XT series is designed to provide quality finishes at low pressures, while the G40 series provides finishes at high pressures for higher production speeds. Models are available with a fluid control knob for precision fluid adjustment, as well as an indexing aircap that provides fast and accurate positioning in either a vertical or horizontal position. Stainless steel construction allows the toughest coatings to be sprayed, ranging from latex, lacquers, waterborne, and acid coatings to polyurethanes, epoxies, sealants, and adhesives. The compact and lightweight automatic spray guns have a variety of manifolds for flat line, reciprocating and compact applications. All hose connections are made on the manifold, allowing the spray gun to be removed from the manifold and serviced without removing any connections, minimizing downtime. A variety of needle/nozzle kits and air caps are available. Graco, www.graco.com


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